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  • guest_9137 : thank you !!!!
  • guest_9137 : yay!!
  • guest_7309 : How anxiety can present during remote learning? Is the video-camera anxiety-provoking? Can school accommodate it>
  • guest_1169 : Is cognitive behavioral therapy effective for high cognitive ASD? Would you recommend it?
  • guest_6497 : Can you speak to medication to help with regulation/bring down the temperature for a teen who is in constant fight-or-flight, in order to get into a space to start applying strategies? Any specific suggestions to consider?
  • guest_3333 : hOW DO WE GET EDUCATORS to understand the volcano model and “not talking” … does MGH Aspire work with classroom teachers?
  • guest_3333 : Where can we find the stress management visuals you used in your slides?
  • guest_9137 : Do you offer services that parents can participate in by watching for those of us who are visual learners? And do you have programs that can be incorporated into schools that are struggling with supports around anxiety as it relates ASD? It seems that whether it be increased anxiety due to executive functioning challenges or increased anxiety due to the challenges consistent with covid-19 it would be rather challenging to figure out which is which without a diagnosis, if it is in fact a separate
  • guest_3333 : What are more cognitive relaxation techniques?
  • guest_3333 : Can you discuss gender differences in anxiety response or co-morbidities?
  • guest_3333 : What’s the average recovery period for IQ after an anxiety response by a child? What factors impact this recovery period?
  • guest_3333 : Can you talk more about the research around regulation?
  • guest_7483 : kids that have EF issues along with major anxiety what would be a helpful IEP accommodation that would be beneficial for the child.
  • guest_3333 : Another question - how does anxiety actually present at different ages and/or different aspects of the spectrum within autism?
  • guest_3333 : Can you talk a bit about normative anxiety at different ages for kids diagnosed with ASD
  • guest_3333 : So if a child has impaired social skills, would that impact their ability to differentiate between real and perceived threat?
  • guest_6497 : Will the webinar be recorded and/or slides be available after the meeting? The information is already very helpful and I'd to share with others in my family.
  • guest_3333 : So is the anxiety more of a product of executive function deficits than anything else? In which case, is there more success in treating the ED deficits as opposed to anxiety?
  • guest_3333 : What are the most effective evidence based treatment approaches for treating anxiety with higher IQ?
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