District Problem Resolution

Depending on the issue, your first step in resolving a special education problem should be with the teacher or the ETF (Team Facilitator) and should be in writing. No matter what you are told, writing is always better and preferred. If you have a conversation (or a meeting), immediately follow it up with an email that starts with something to the effect of “I hope I understood correctly, I believe we … ” and ends with “Am I correct in my understanding?”

If you do not get the issue resolved, the next step is typically the principal of the school. They are in charge of all that goes on in the building. Same rules as above apply.

If the principal is the one in error, their boss is the superintendent. Otherwise, if the principal cannot or does not help then you can escalate the issue to the special education director for your school. Above that person is the deputy superintendent for student services. And that person is responsible to the superintendent.

You can always go directly to the state Problem Resolution System, especially if the issue is ‘simply’ a violation of a law or regulation. Same is true for the BSEA if the problem is how they are handling special education for your child.

And remember, anyone on this list will give you advice.