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Special Education Program Plan Statement

Special Education Program Plan Statement IDEA -2004 The federal special education law, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), was reauthorized in December of 2004 and came fully into effect on July 1, 2005. The reauthorized act continues to emphasize the need to provide appropriate educational services to students with disabilities in order to improve […]Look at this result

Question and Answer Guide on the Implementation of Educational Services in the Home or Hospital

the date the student was admitted to a hospital or was confined to home; the medical reason(s) for the confinement; the expected duration of the confinement; and what medical needs of the student should be considered in planning the home or hospital education services. Upon receipt of a physician’s written order verifying that any student […]Look at this result

National Instructional Materials Accessibility Standard (NIMAS) Additional Assurance Required for IDEA Part B Grant

We will provide additional details on the process of working with NIMAC in the fall of 2006-2007. Learn more about NIMAS. Learn more about the NIMAC. Every state is required to adopt the NIMAS. NIMAS outlines a set of consistent and valid specifications for document source files created by K-12 curriculum publishers or other content […]Look at this result

Reissued Mileage Reimbursement for Parents under 603 CMR 28.07(6)

This regulation pertains to parents providing transportation for their children who have "special transportation" listed in their IEPs, and does not pertain to students who do not require "special transportation." The reimbursement for parent-provided transportation pertains to school attendance and school-sponsored events, to the extent agreed upon by the district in advance. Parents are not […]Look at this result

Guidance on 603 CMR 28.07(7)

Guidance on 603 CMR 28.07(7) To:Special Educational Surrogate Parents and Other Interested Parties From:Marcia Mittnacht, State Director of Special Education Date:February 27, 2012 In light of questions that have recently come to my attention concerning 603 CMR 28.07(7), I offer the following guidance on the purpose of this regulation, the circumstances in which it applies, […]Look at this result

Guidance on Appointment of Special Education Surrogate Parents

Voluntary Placement Agreements and DCF Custody — "Child Requiring Assistance (CRA)" (formerly "CHINS" custody): When a child is in the care of DCF, as opposed to custody, the parent retains the right and responsibility to make decisions related to special education. In such cases the child has generally entered placement primarily to address his/her issues […]Look at this result

Addressing the Needs of Students with Disabilities Relocating to Massachusetts from Puerto Rico

whether the child has a confirmed disability or is suspected to have a disability; the nature of the disability and the manner in which it affects the student’s learning; whether the child exhibits behaviors since the hurricanes that are new and concerning; if the child has a confirmed disability, whether the family has a copy […]Look at this result

Discipline: Statutory Language & Flow Chart

Statutory Language — On the left side we have provided you with the actual language from the statute. All of the bolded language is new language. The right side contains the summary of the new provisions, which includes important key points, some special notes to consider, relevant state requirements and more user-friendly language. Flow Chart […]Look at this result