National Instructional Materials Accessibility Standard (NIMAS) Additional Assurance Required for IDEA Part B Grant

  • We will provide additional details on the process of working with NIMAC in the fall of 2006-2007.
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  • Learn more about the NIMAC.

Every state is required to adopt the NIMAS. NIMAS outlines a set of consistent and valid specifications for document source files created by K-12 curriculum publishers or other content producers that can be used to create accessible specialized formats of print instructional materials. Curriculum materials covered by NIMAS include printed textbooks and printed core materials that are written and published primarily for use in elementary and secondary school instruction and that are required by a state or school district for use by students in the classroom. Each state must provide an assurance to OSEP as part of the State’s Part B application that students who need curriculum materials in alternate formats are provided with those formats in a timely manner to insure access to the general education curriculum.

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